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MP McCauley Speaks Out Against Liberal Tax Plan

The Liberal Government’s tax plan is nothing but a sham that adds to the nation’s quickly growing deficit, Edmonton West MP Kelly McCauley said today.


Yesterday, MP McCauley spoke out against the Liberal Government’s tax plan in a speech to the House of Commons.


“This tax cut, while sounding good in a press release, is nothing more than a sham,” said McCauley.


“One of the promises made by this government was that this new tax plan, a plan that would cut taxes for the middle class, would be made revenue neutral through a tax hike on the wealthy.”


“This tax plan is not revenue neutral, and will in fact, cost the Canadian taxpayers over $1 billion.”


The stunning admission of this fact came from Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who admitted in a press conference that the tax plan proposed by the Liberals would set the federal government back by at least $1.2 billion.


“I call this tax plan a sham because while it may seem like most Canadians are getting a tax savings, they are actually receiving a future tax hike. This tax cut simply does not make sense,” said McCauley.


You can watch MP McCauley’s full speech below.