MP McCauley Speaks Out Against Liberal Tax Plan

The Liberal Government’s tax plan is nothing but a sham that adds to the nation’s quickly growing deficit, Edmonton West MP Kelly McCauley said today.   Yesterday, MP McCauley spoke out against the Liberal Government’s tax ... Full Article

MP McCauley Condemns Anti-Israeli BDS Movement

MP Kelly McCauley condemns the Anti-Israeli BDS Movement. Speaking in favour of the Conservative Caucus’ motion to condemn the anti-Israeli BDS movement, McCauley said “Israel is multicultural, multiracial, diverse and tolerant. ... Full Article

Letter to the Editor: A Vote Against Alberta

On Thursday, February 4th, 2016, a letter to the editor by MP Kelly McCauley was published in the Edmonton Journal. Read the letter to the editor below.   Dear Editor, Last week, the Conservative Official Opposition introduced a motion for ... Full Article