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We Need a Real Plan to Protect the Environment, Not a Tax Plan

Two weeks ago, Andrew Scheer released the Conservative environment plan as promised.

For months we’ve been directing pointed questions to the government on how much their carbon tax will cost Canadians, why they’re using Conservative GHG reduction targets and calling them their own, and why they’re punishing small businesses and Canadian families with a carbon tax but giving a pass to the biggest emitters. Their response has always been that the Conservatives have no plan. Well guess what, we do.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer recently reported that under the Liberal plan, gas prices would have to increase a minimum of 25 cents per litre to have an effect. Internal government documents note it could be as high as triple that.  The Liberals have even admitted their plan is not robust enough and will not come close to meeting the goal of reducing GHG emissions. The GST alone on Trudeau’s carbon levy will reach almost a half billion dollars a year. More money right out of your pocket.

Let’s be clear: The Liberal’s plan is a tax plan.  It’s not an environmental plan. 

We offer a balanced approach to reduce emissions, conserve and protect our air, land, water and wildlife, and fight climate change at home and abroad. It’s built on three key policy principles:

First, is to invest in green technology, not just raise taxes. This is the best way to lower our emissions,  promote green innovation and create jobs all without imposing new taxes on Canadians.

Second, is to promote a cleaner and greener natural environment. We will work with farmers, hunters and anglers, Indigenous peoples, provinces, and territories to help protect our air, land, water and wildlife. We will also put an end to cities dumping hundreds of millions of litres of untreated raw sewage into our waterways. 

Third, is to take the climate change fight global. Climate change is a global problem and doesn’t just stop at our borders. It requires a global solution, and Canada has a leadership role to play.

You can read the plan in full here: 

In terms of targets, the Paris targets are Conservative targets and our plan is Canada’s best chance to meet them. Our plan balances the need for Canada to fight climate change by lowering global emissions without compromising our core promise of leaving more money in your pockets and helping Canadians get ahead.