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Liberal Media Bailout Stacks the Deck for Upcoming Election

We told you that the Liberals were getting desperate. We also told you that they’d try every trick in the book to hold onto power, and it looks like we were right.

In just the last few years, the Ottawa Liberals opened the door to voter fraud with their new election bill. They manipulated the election finance laws to benefit themselves, and now they’ve just recently announced a $600 million bailout package to the Canadian media industry.

This comes in the form of handouts of taxpayers’ dollars, which were made available as of January this year. According to the update, the recipients of the package would be decided by two “independent” panels of journalists. The trick? Each member is hand-picked by the Liberal government.

That means we’ll have two panels full of Liberal picked members deciding how “quality journalism organizations” will make the cut to be eligible for up to $13,750 in annual subsidies for individual editorial staff. All under the guise of supporting “media independence”.

The Liberals recently announced the organizations that will sit on these special panels, with one of them being Unifor, the rabidly anti-Conservative union. Unifor is an aggressive, hyper-partisan group that have already begun their campaign to get the Liberals re-elected by releasing attack ads on our leader Andrew Scheer.  It’s hard to believe but, Unifor – the self-titled “resistance” to the Conservative Party – will help decide which news organizations covering the upcoming election will receive taxpayers’ subsidies. This is a blatant conflict of interest and only adds to an ever-growing perception problem.

Don’t get me wrong; media outlets play an essential role in informing the public and holding politicians to account, but a healthy democracy relies on an independent press, free of political influence. It should never be up to any government to decide which media outlets receive government support and which do not. Furthermore, it’s completely unacceptable that a Liberal-friendly interest group which has vowed to campaign against a specific political party be given a say on who receives government subsidies.

With less than four months until the next election, it’s clear what we’re up against: A Liberal party that will stoop to any level to win, and a Prime Minister who will rewrite the rules to give himself any advantage he can.