What Does it Mean to Prorogue Parliament?

On August 18th, the Liberals announced that they would be ‘proroguing’ Parliament until September 23rd, when the government will deliver a Speech from the Throne and launch a new session of Parliament. This is supposed to be followed ... Full Article

Nation Unites in Opposing Bill C-69

In yet another turn of events for the Prime Minister the Senate returned his beloved Bill C-69, or as industry experts call it, the “no-more-pipelines” bill, with a plethora of amendments signaling that the bill was not just ill-advised but ... Full Article

The Truth About the “Steel” of a Deal

The Prime Minister and Minister Freeland were patting themselves on the back last week following a Canada-US agreement to lift the 232 steel and aluminum tariffs weighing down on the Canadian import industry. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly ... Full Article