What Does it Mean to Prorogue Parliament?

On August 18th, the Liberals announced that they would be ‘proroguing’ Parliament until September 23rd, when the government will deliver a Speech from the Throne and launch a new session of Parliament. This is supposed to be followed ... Full Article

Nation Unites in Opposing Bill C-69

In yet another turn of events for the Prime Minister the Senate returned his beloved Bill C-69, or as industry experts call it, the “no-more-pipelines” bill, with a plethora of amendments signaling that the bill was not just ill-advised but ... Full Article

The Truth About the “Steel” of a Deal

The Prime Minister and Minister Freeland were patting themselves on the back last week following a Canada-US agreement to lift the 232 steel and aluminum tariffs weighing down on the Canadian import industry. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly ... Full Article

TransMountain Delays Aren’t Just Hurting Alberta

Did you know that for every day the Trans-Mountain Pipeline Project is delayed, the Canadian economy loses $80 million dollars in revenue? That’s over $29 billion dollars a year. In fact, in the two minutes it takes to read this article, ... Full Article