Trudeau’s Environmental Plan is Just Another Tax Plan

For years,  Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have been raising taxes on Albertans under the guise of “environmental policy.” First, it started with the Carbon Tax, and now they are taking it even further with their new so-called “Clean Fuel Standard”. As great as Trudeau claims these ... Full Article

What Does it Mean to Prorogue Parliament?

On August 18th, the Liberals announced that they would be ‘proroguing’ Parliament until September 23rd, when the government will deliver a Speech from the Throne and launch a new session of Parliament. This is supposed to be followed by a budget or economic update later in the fall. ... Full Article

Teck Frontier: Another Energy Company Runs for the Hills

Just when we thought Trudeau couldn’t possibly turn another potential Albertan energy project into a catastrophic failure, he yet again proves us wrong. Last night, Teck Frontier withdrew its application for a massive oil sands mine in Alberta just days before the federal deadline to approve ... Full Article

Hand-outs to Multibillion Dollar Companies Have to Stop

Another day another multi-million dollar corporate welfare hand out from the Liberal government to a multinational business. Yes, if you haven’t seen the news, the Liberals have awarded $50 million to Mastercard to “help” them build an office in Vancouver. Why are we throwing ... Full Article

We Need a Real Plan to Protect the Environment, Not a Tax Plan

Two weeks ago, Andrew Scheer released the Conservative environment plan as promised. For months we’ve been directing pointed questions to the government on how much their carbon tax will cost Canadians, why they’re using Conservative GHG reduction targets and calling them their own, and why ... Full Article

Nation Unites in Opposing Bill C-69

In yet another turn of events for the Prime Minister the Senate returned his beloved Bill C-69, or as industry experts call it, the “no-more-pipelines” bill, with a plethora of amendments signaling that the bill was not just ill-advised but poorly conceived. Numerous Premiers, including ... Full Article

Liberal Media Bailout Stacks the Deck for Upcoming Election

We told you that the Liberals were getting desperate. We also told you that they’d try every trick in the book to hold onto power, and it looks like we were right. In just the last few years, the Ottawa Liberals opened the door to voter fraud with their new election bill. They manipulated the ... Full Article

The Truth About the “Steel” of a Deal

The Prime Minister and Minister Freeland were patting themselves on the back last week following a Canada-US agreement to lift the 232 steel and aluminum tariffs weighing down on the Canadian import industry. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the great victory that they’ve claimed. The US had ... Full Article